Response Team

CARES Response Team

The Response Team members will work collaboratively to provide an initial response, empathetic support, and a smooth transition to the appropriate campus partners for additional follow-up when warranted. This will, of course, include swift referral of emergencies to the appropriate entities working closely with Community Safety.

Questions or concerns?

Call the CARES Line at 212-854-3362 or
email us at
We are located on the First Floor of Elliott Hall

Response, Resources, and Referral

The CARES Response team provides initial intervention to campus requests for assistance.  The Response Team works collaboratively with all units of the CARES Department, Community Safety, Preparedness, Nondiscrimination and Title IX, as well as campus partners in support of an effective response for all involved, and a smooth transition for follow-up, where applicable.

Please call the CARES Line for assistance at 212-854-3362.

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